DIY: Easter Egg Wreath

I have been anxiously waiting for weeks to make this Easter Egg Wreath. The tutorial I used as inspiration can be found here.  I liked this tutorial because it used cardboard instead of a wreath form, and since I was making multiple wreaths, free sounded especially good.

Let’s Craft!

I used a dinner plate to create my circle. 
For the cut-out, I just jabbed my scissors through the center and winged it. It worked. 
You’ll notice I ripped some eggs off during this process. To avoid that, follow the picture and hot-glue your outside ring of eggs first.
Then, add the inner ring.
Squirt hot glue into all the crevices, and use a dowel to push Easter grass into the glue.
Apply your top row of eggs.
Add a ribbon, hang, and admire!

Bonus Photo: The aftermath of the first Pug shot. 

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