DIY: Plant Markers

Last year I was fairly successful in maintaining a container garden on the back patio of our townhouse. I recently came across these plant markers on Pinterest and knew I wanted something similar for this year’s garden.

The original tutorial includes a great download, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted for my own markers. Namely, there were no herbs represented. I also wanted words on mine, to differentiate between varieties. 

Using Microsoft Publisher, I typed the name of the vegetable, and copy and pasted a corresponding image from Google.  

My scientific method for determining the correct image size. For reference, my font was size-5.
The markers, sandwiched between two flat-bottom clear marbles
Use a large dollop of hot-glue, and sink the marble down into it
I added extra glue around the base of the marble, to ensure a secure hold.
I had twine on hand, so I used that to cover the excess glue. Secure with a tiny dot of additional hot glue on the back.
Admire your handiwork!

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Update: Check out my container garden with plant markers in action! 

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