Hunger Games

I’m not usually a reader of Young Adult books, which is why I’m glad I came across the Hunger Games series long before I knew about the hype. Had I not been clueless, I may have written it off as just another Twilight. With that in mind, I decided to brave the throngs of teenage girls and see a midnight showing of the film tonight. I may have been 10 years older than the average audience member, but I wasn’t about to let that stop me from representing the Girl On Fire.

One of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus did a whole series of makeup looks inspired by the districts of Panem. I went with a look based on her District 12 Tutorial. I loved that it incorporated not only the fire theme, but coal as well.  
My full look – waiting in line for midnight.
As for the movie, I was really pleased. Like any book to movie, there is a lot of stuff missing, but I think the filmmakers did a good job of staying true to the heart of the story and getting all the most important stuff in. 
Jennifer Lawrence did an awesome job displaying the wide range of emotions Katniss was going through despite having very little actual dialogue for long parts of the movie. And Elizabeth Banks blew me away as Effie Trinket. The makeup artists on this film deserve every award available to them!
I hope that anyone who hasn’t read the books gives them a chance, and isn’t put off by the hype.