St. Patrick’s Day Memories

Or, close enough.

About 20 years ago, I was in my front yard and happened upon a four-leaf clover. In my excitement, I immediately ran to show my mom. Halfway to her location in the backyard I felt a pain, looked down, and discovered half a roofing nail protruding from my foot.

My mom wrapped the foot in gauze and off we went to Children’s Hospital. I sat on the floor waiting for my turn (stoically I might add – in my recollection of these events I was exceedingly calm and brave beyond my years).

The next thing I know, some brat is barreling toward me in one of those red Little Tikes cars and completely clobbers my foot which still contains the business end of a nail.

I’m bringing the PAIN!

H. and his Image used under Creative Commons from found_drama.

The point to this post?  In my world, four-Leaf clovers don’t bring you good luck. They bring you tetanus shots.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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