When Facebook Ads Go Terribly Right

This little targeted ad fail reminded me of a fascinating article I read last month in the New York Times. Where others might have been horrified at the notion that Target knows you’re pregnant before you do, I found it completely intriguing both on a scientific, and a marketing level (after graduation I completed an 8-month stint as a marketing intern and I’ve been interested in the field ever since).
As a consumer, I completely embrace this new “invasion of privacy” so many seem to be leery of. I happily let CVS track my tampon and lipstick purchasing history. It’s a fair trade for the thrill of scanning my Extra Care card and having coupons print out of the red machine in the front of the store.
In high school I worked at Michael’s and the company would frequently do tests in which we had to ask customer’s for their zip codes. The information was used to decide which newspapers to place ads in. It astounded me the amount of people who indignantly told me that I didn’t need their zip code and I couldn’t have it.
What do you think? Are people just inherently nutty, or am I selling my soul to Panera for a free cookie on my loyalty card? All I am sure of, is I don’t want to receive any diaper coupons from Target anytime soon. This baby is all the baby I need for the foreseeable future.