Clever Wardrobe Challenge (Step 2)

Enough procrastinating, it’s time to move on to Step 2 of the Clever Wardrobe Challenge. You can see my Step 1 post here.

To review, Step 2 is as follows:

Closet organizing time! This is not always fun, but it’s essential to know what you are currently working with. If you live in an area that cools down in the fall, it’s a good time to put away those summer items. Schedule a donation pick up from a local charity organization so you have a deadline to sort your clothes.

Now, I had no good reason to be dragging my feet on this step, because I actually have it pretty easy. I have yet to move all my clothing from my old room at mom’s house to my new place. So, I mainly had to just go and cherry-pick the pieces I wanted to keep and deal with the rest later. So… I’m kinda cheating. The closet I use is organized, but I still have a lot of stuff I need to pitch or donate back at mom’s house. I did go through and grab the stuff I know I definitely want in my wardrobe rotation though.

I live in the midwest, so it definitely starts getting cooler this time of year, and we have cold winters. That said, most of the stuff I own can easily transition to fall. I can put a cardigan or blazer over my tees and tanks, and add leggings and boots to my summer dresses.

This system works great for me because I prefer to wear light layers since I tend to sweat if it’s over 75 degrees. Even in the middle of winter I might find myself needing to peel off an outer layer to stay comfortable.

As I decided what clothes I was going to keep (transport), I only chose those items that I knew I would actually wear.

It fits, but I don’t really love it? Gone.

I like it but it doesn’t fit well? Sorry, but you have to go. A garment that looks good on the hanger but makes me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious when I’m wearing it has no place in my closet! If it’s there, I will feel compelled to wear it at some point to justify keeping it, and I’ll feel like crap. So, sorry cowl neck sweater from grandma. I’ve been keeping you out of loyalty for a year, but it’s time we see other people.

And, here is my newly organized closet.

Yes, it’s even color coded. No one is as surprised as me, believe me. Dresses are in the back, because that was the tallest section available. Along the top are all my tops in color order (minus plain tees, which are folded). On the bottom I have all “outerwear” type pieces, hoodies, cardigans, etc. And then looking very lonely in front are pants/skirts that need to be hung. I do have some more dress pants to bring over, and I’ll be addressing those in later steps! In the foreground you can just see a sliver of shelves. Those house my shoes and jeans.