Clever Wardrobe Challenge (Step 3)

It’s time for Step 3 of the Clever Wardrobe Challenge. If you’re new to the challenge you can start with my Step 1 and Step 2 posts.

What are you keeping? Photograph the key items in your current wardrobe that you wear often and plan to wear in the fall.

I tried to think of what some of my go-to pieces were for this step. First up are a couple of my favorite dresses.
















Clearly, these aren’t cool-weather pieces. But, I like to transition them to fall with a cardigan, tights and boots. Since they’re two of my favorite dresses for summer, I choose them often for fall too. I especially like wearing the bright floral number when the weather is dreary. Both are from Target.

Next I chose a couple of my layering pieces. I have several. Cardigans, shrugs, wraps…whatever you like to call them. They’re the key to transitioning my tanks, tees and dresses into fall.












Last is what I would consider the most important. Jeggings. Look great with fall/winter boots, and more importantly, jeggings are basically socially acceptable yoga pants. Super comfortable, even on fat days – that is priceless.