Clever Wardrobe Challenge (Step 4)

No, I didn’t quit the Clever Wardrobe Challenge, I’ve just been slacking. So, let’s get right in to Step 4.

You bought it but you’ve never worn it? We all have these things in our closet. Things we bought but never wear. Find one of these items that fits you well, but you don’t wear. Take a picture of a neglected item and describe why you have never worn it.

I am really guilty of buying things and then never wearing them. Usually, the piece in question is really cute on the hanger but doesn’t look great on my body. I have a really hard time not buying it, usually if it’s a really great deal, even though logically I know I won’t wear it because I’ll be uncomfortable. I have gotten better though, a few months ago I put back a dress I was in love with at Target that was deeply clearanced, because it was way too short for my comfort. I was really proud of my resolve!

The piece I chose for this step I bought with good intentions. I had just gotten a job in an office environment  and thought I needed some good business pieces. Only, my office ended up being extremely casual, and now I work at a pet store. So… this blazer has never seen the light of day. Even though I love it. It has leopard lining for goodness sake!

My next step is to figure out a way to make this blazer work in my current wardrobe. I know that I can pair it with more casual pieces to make an appropriate outfit, but it’s out of my comfort zone, so I haven’t yet. In the next step of the Clever Wardrobe Challenge, I will!