A very Puggy Christmas

I kept lamenting that the extra week after Thanksgiving was really throwing me off my Christmas game. There was so much extra time before December, I couldn’t get in a hurry to start my decorating. And then in no time at all, it was December 4th and I realized I had no decorations. Whoops.

But, all that’s changed now. Yesterday I put up my mini trees, and tonight we went to pick our main tree. This yearly ritual reminds me why I love Jason so much. He’d be much happier with a fake tree, and probably content with no tree at all, but he puts on a brave face and totes around my painstakingly chosen 7 foot Frasier Fir without argument.

It was worth the effort though, right?

For his efforts, I allow him prime real estate to display his geek ornaments.

Alongside such favorites as this tiny Starbucks cold cup.

And my first pug ornament. I’m up to three total. I’ve informed (warned?) him that if I get many more, I’ll have to make a pug tree. So, if you’re reading this and you’re giving me a gift this year, pug ornaments are definitely the way to go!

Speaking of which, I made Pug pose with all my pugs before I hung them.

Pugs are friends, not food!

In case you thought I was kidding about making an entirely themed tree… here are the two I already own.

Aside from party decorations, all I have left to do is make an ornament wreath from the clearance ornaments I nabbed after Christmas last year. Look for that post next week!