Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

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Our third annual Tacky Christmas Sweater party was on Saturday, and it was amazing as usual.

Here is the dessert and punch table. I made classic red velvet cake pops, sugar cookie bars and champagne punch. This punch recipe is my very favorite. It’s really tasty, but not too sweet because of the limeade and cranberry juice. It serves a lot of people and packs a decent punch. No pun intended.

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I set up a small hot chocolate bar using this recipe for crockpot hot cocoa.
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Unfortunately Pug doesn’t have an ugly sweater, just regular ones.
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Every year Katie and I take a tacky Christmas sweater “prom pose” picture.

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We do a Dirty Santa gift exchange, but we keep the presents wrapped. I think it makes it more fun, since you don’t really know what you are stealing. You might in fact be stealing Mighty Putty (I ended up with a Nerf gun, I was only posing with the putty).

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Pug spent most of the night making a bed out of this tacky sweater and discarded wrapping paper. He really is ridiculous.
IMG_4135 copy

Before they left, I sent everyone home with a Hot Chocolate on a Stick gift bag.

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It’s a lot of work, but my Tacky Christmas Sweater Party is one of my favorite days of the year!