DIY Compost Bin

I admit it. I’ve got compost fever. Now, I realize January is not the ideal time to start a project like this, but it’s been unusually warm most of the winter, and I’m hoping that even with the cooler temps I’ll be able to crank out one tub of compost to start off my garden this summer.

I’ve been researching all the best containers for composting. My ideal set up would be one of those big containers that has a door in the bottom, so you can scoop out finished compost while still adding new stuff to the top. But, I don’t have a spare $200 earmarked for composters at the moment.

So, DIY to the rescue.

I eventually settled on this tutorial using a plastic bin at Young House Love. It was a small investment monetarily at $7.99, and time-wise as well. I finished in about 15 minutes.

IMG_4187I drilled about 10 holes in the bottom of my bin.


IMG_4189Luckily, I failed to rake any leaves this fall. So, I had plenty of dry leaves to line the bottom of my bin.


IMG_4190This whole process was making Pug really uneasy.


IMG_4192I figured for my dirt layer I’d just dump in the leftover soil from my patio garden buckets. It would be so easy. I’m brilliant!


IMG_4193Except, oh yeah, it’s January. My soil was frozen pretty much solid. Not one to be deterred, I decided to wing it and keep going. I broke up as much of the dirt as I could, figuring I can always stir it up when the weather gets warmer.


IMG_4194Please don’t judge the amount of produce waste I have. I am working on it, okay? Since I couldn’t stir my mixture together at the moment, I didn’t bother adding water right now. I figure there is probably enough moisture in that giant frozen block of dirt for the time being.


IMG_4196I popped the lid on and drilled 10 more holes.

IMG_4199Then placed my finished bin here next to the deck. It should be pretty well shaded by the deck, but easy to access from the kitchen to drop in scraps.

I’ll be updating my progress as time goes on. I know you’ll be on the edge of your seats waiting to see if my half-assed attempt was actually successful. If it is, this could really be an inspiration to lazy gardeners everywhere.


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