DIY: Valentine Heart Wreath

DIY Valentine's Wreath

I love this wreath. My friend Katie and I made several last year, because our family members all had to have one. Katie ended up with some leftover supplies, so we decided to use them up and make a couple more. Mine is going to grandma… although I love it so much it’s going to be hard to let it go.

This is the original tutorial I used.

IMG_4200These styrofoam heart wreaths are surprisingly difficult to find, at least around Valentine’s Day. Katie ended up getting several online last year, and we were using the leftovers. I do know that Joann’s carries them, but they seem to sell out fast!

IMG_4203I used a small spool of ribbon as my pattern for the circles. You could also use a glass.

IMG_4205Last time I made a pattern out of a piece of paper and cut out my circles that way. Tracing in pen was way easier, and is what I recommend. You don’t see the ink once they are cut out.

IMG_4208Don’t worry about the circles being perfect. Once they’re on the wreath, it’s not noticeable.

I didn’t count how many circles I used, but it takes about 3/4 of a yard of felt to cover the wreath – if you pack them on really tightly, you might use a little more. You can buy felt by the yard at Joann’s and other fabric stores. If you try to buy it by the sheet, this wreath will get expensive really fast!

IMG_4210To create the ruffles, all you do is fold each circle in half .

IMG_4213And then fold in half again.

IMG_4214Then pin it to the wreath at the point. The pins I used were called dressmaker pins. They were the cheapest option, and they are very low profile so you don’t have to worry about a pinhead showing up through the ruffles.


IMG_4212Isn’t this exciting, Molly?


IMG_4220Just keep pinning the felt circles onto the wreath. I like to keep the points near each other, so there are no gaps where the wreath form can show through. I also made sure to turn the ruffles different directions as I went so there wouldn’t be any noticeable pattern.

IMG_4221Pug crashed pretty early on.


IMG_4222Another tip, tie your ribbon on before you cover the center with ruffles. It sits much nicer. I forgot to do that with my own wreath, and I like it much better this way.


IMG_4226The entire process took about 2 1/2 hours.

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