Insta-Friday #29

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I really appreciate the internet for so many reasons, but one of them is that I can connect with other people who find it perfectly reasonable to carry stick-on googly eyes in your purse. You know, for emergencies. Like, if the Cholula bottle at Chevy’s is looking a little “blah”.



When I saw these Tracy Reese dessert plates from the Neiman Marcus for Target collection I fell in love. Hard. But, I couldn’t really justify the $39.99 price tag, especially right before Christmas. So, when I walked into my Target this week and saw this lone remaining set marked 70% off, I felt like the universe was telling me they should be mine.



Pug and I lit a candle in honor of an online pug friend who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Cowboy.



Headed out to see Wicked.



Unfortunately, Jason got really sick and couldn’t go. So, my BFF Katie went in his place.  This was my first time seeing Wicked and I really liked it. I’m so not one of those people, but I almost cried during Defying Gravity, it was really that powerful in person.



More fun with googly eyes. It takes people a minute to realize I’ve even done anything to this one.

life rearranged