Insta-Friday #31

My week in iPhone photos. Follow me on Instagram (or Facebook or Twitter!) for more photos throughout the week.

Apparently, I’ve been slacking with my phone photos this week. But, I think what I lack in quantity I make up in quality.


I mean, look at this face. He doesn’t even realize the state of adorable he’s in.



Michael’s has this whole display of dog birthday party stuff. Even make your own doggy t-shirts. I was kind of freaking out in the middle of the store. I probably wouldn’t have been nearly as excited if there wasn’t a pug, but there is. So, I’m sold.

The ideas for Pug’s custom t-shirts are endless.



I stopped by Starbucks on my way to work and left with a Passion Tea Lemonade and about 20lbs of used coffee grounds. It made a great addition to my new DIY Compost Bin, but not such a great addition to my car. It’s been 3 days and it still smells like a coffee shop. I hate coffee.



I sent this picture of me and Luna to Jason, to show him how much I need another pug. He still has not been swayed.

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