Insta-Friday #32

My week in iPhone photos. Follow me on Instagram (or Facebook or Twitter!) for even more photos throughout the week.

IMG_1187Last weekend I went to a charity spaghetti dinner for a local animal rescue. It was held in a gymnasium. I wore a cat eye anyway, because that’s just how I roll.



Afterwards we had a game night. Here, Pug is helping Katie play Ticket To Ride.



We ran out of trash bags at work. Instead of writing a note, I left this, because I thought it looked like the box was shocked to be empty. My co-worker thought I was nutty, but my manager said it made her laugh. And, that’s the whole point of Vandal Eyes!



I’d say Molly sleeps like this about 70% of the time. I cannot imagine how it is comfortable.



Earlier this week it was in the 70s. I wore flip flops to work. Some nasty weather rolled through and we were under a Tornado Watch. Today the high was 32 and it’s snowing.

life rearranged