Seed Starting with Newspaper Seed Pots

Seed Starting with Newspaper Seed Pots

The past couple weeks I’ve been getting my seeds started indoors, using my Seed Starting Log to keep things organized. (Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I did get a late start on a few despite my best efforts. )

Seed Starting Log

Last year I did a full post on how to make newspaper seed pots. It was one of my very first posts, so it might not be pretty! This time I’ll do an overall look at my setup.

I started off with a canned dog food case to act as my tray for all my pots. If you don’t work at a pet store, or buy dog food, you should be able to snag one from the grocery store.


Then, I lined the cardboard with plastic so I didn’t ruin it when I watered. I found that Kohl’s bags worked great, because they’re huge.


I made up my seed pots ahead of time, so now I just had to plant and label.


Then I set the whole thing on a box of Christmas decorations (I’m all about improvising) in front of a sunny window.


I like to water with a spray bottle until my seedlings aren’t so delicate. It does take more time, and you have to keep an eye on them so they don’t get dry. But, I’m paranoid I’ll hurt my seeds dumping too much water on them in the beginning.


And here is my progress so far. Baby tomato plants! Aren’t they cute?


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