Insta-Friday #43

My week in iPhone photos.

2013-04-12 12.44.07

Another day, another pug party. Visiting my old friends.


2013-04-13 18.15.34

Getting some Pug love after a long day at work.


2013-04-17 18.41.10

Opened the pool this week. This is Day 1.


2013-04-14 14.09.57

For obvious reasons, we didn’t let Pug on the pool deck. He was very angry that we wouldn’t let him drown.


2013-04-15 11.06.29

Pug stole a duck foot from work. Two days in a row. He has gotten especially sneaky, I never even saw him go near the bin.


2013-04-17 12.14.33

My DIY Compost Bin is really starting to cook.


2013-04-18 14.58.23

My mom’s new foster puppies from Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

life rearranged