Insta-Friday #59

My week in iPhone photos. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for even more photos throughout the week!

Sewing Problems

Sewing probs. I have so many wounds from hand sewing the velcro onto Pug’s costume.


Candy Corn Eye Makeup

Candy corn eye makeup look, inspired by this look.


Super Mario Pugs

Pug and his BPFFs dressed up as Super Mario characters at the 21st Annual Pug Party. Full posts here and here.


Bowser Pug

Me and Bowser, taking a break.


Black Pug

Riding home, Panda called dibs on my lap.


Pumpkin Pug

Switched things up by being a pumpkin for work.


Cuddle Pug

Pug taking care of me while I was sick.


Wordpress Stats

One day this week I had a 400% surge in views, and they were pretty much all going to my DIY Origami Paper Flowers post. The only source info it gave me was I am definitely not complaining, but it’s driving me nuts not knowing where it got posted for so many people to see!

life rearranged