Glitter Pug Silhouette Art

A few months ago I had the bright idea of creating a piece of art by making a pug silhouette from glitter. It seemed simple enough in my head. As I began the process I realized it was not nearly as easy in reality. Still, it has been a labor of love.

It took me some time and some trial and error. First, creating and cutting the stencil. Then, figuring out the application process so it looked good and ideally didn’t create a huge mess with a ton of waste. Eventually, I got the process down. And I was able to create several pieces I am proud to offer for sale in my new Etsy Shop.

I do plan on offering more dog breeds as soon as I can… I have to start the stencil process from scratch on each one. I’ll also be offering non-glitter silhouette art. Apparently there are people who don’t love glitter quite as much as me, hard as that is to believe.

aqua gold pug lighted aqua gold pug side aqua pink pug lighted aqua pink pug side pink aqua pug plum copper pug closeup