Insta-Friday #60

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

snug pug

Snug as a pug in a… down comforter.


Spiderweb Halloween makeup

My makeup for Stray Rescue Spooktacular. I adored this look. If only it were socially acceptable to wear a red and black smokey eye with ridiculous lashes all the time.


puppies in costumes

My mom’s foster pups borrowed some of Pug’s costumes for the event.


Yoda Pug

The girl at the Petco booth gave Pug a pair of Yoda ears. He could barely contain his excitement.


Revenge of The Claw


Lobster Pug

The great thing about working at a pet store is I can get use out of all Pug’s costumes leading up to Halloween. Monday he was a lobster.


Pumpkin Pug

Wednesday, he went full pumpkin.


Pug Chewing Pumpkin

This pumpkin had to die. It was violent.


Pug Charms

The pug charms I ordered arrived! I just added several new pug charm bracelets to my shop.


Overly Attached Pug

Overly Attached Pug.


Westie in rain gear

We helped get this customer outfitted in some rain gear today. She tried to bite me.

life rearranged