Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs 2013

holiday gift guide for dogs

The holiday season is in full force at the pet store where I work. We have lots of new seasonal items, and lots of old favorites are flying off the shelves as people prepare their dogs and cats stockings for Christmas. Below I have listed my top 15 gift ideas for the favorite dog in your life. Some of the items I just think look cool, and many of them are loved by my own dogs or my customer’s dogs.

And in case there is any question, I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of the companies mentioned – just a fan!

1. IQ Treat Ball
IQ Ball


Pug has this toy. I find it endlessly entertaining to watch him push it around and get the treats out of it. It’s pretty simple as far the “IQ” toys go. The dog just has to roll the ball around, and small treats fall out of the hole. But, you can make it easier or harder with the little insert. So, as they get the hang of it, you can increase the difficulty to slow them down.

It’s also great as a slow feeder for dogs that inhale their food. Just put their serving of kibble in the ball instead of treats, and have them eat it that way.

2. Bästis Hook (aka dog butt hooks)

Ikea Bastis hooks


It was recently announced that Ikea is coming to St. Louis. I was elated, naturally. And a big part of that was the fact that I’ll be able to get these adorable  leash hooks (or hooks for whatever you want to use them for) locally.


3. Holiday Buddy Biscuits

holiday buddy biscuits


The soft and chewy Buddy Biscuits are one of our year-round best sellers. Probably in part because they look like little gingerbread men. For the holidays, they come gingerbread flavored as well.


4. Go Dog Go Fetch Machine

go dog fetch machine


This is a bit extravagant, but it’s too cool not to include. My dogs aren’t fetchers, but my best friend’s dog is. Big time. Whenever I’m at her house, even if we’re very busy, we have to contend with him demanding us to throw his tennis ball. He’s very vocal about it.

This little gadget would be perfect for anyone with a tennis ball obsessed dog that never gets tired out before your arm does. Make sure to check out the website to see videos of it in action!


5. Beg Nog Latte’

beg nog latte


My Starbucks obsession is well documented. And while I don’t actually drink coffee, holiday latte inspired treats sucked me right in. The label is even a coffee cup sleeve! Three Dog Bakery has stores in several states, but if you don’t have one nearby you can order them online too.


6. Dirty Dog Doormat

dirty dog mat


This item is more for the dog owner than the dog itself. The Dirty Dog Doormat has been a big seller at work and a lot of us employees have one too. It is made of a microfiber material that can hold 7 times it’s weight in water. It’s perfect for in front of the door your dog uses most often to catch their muddy feet before they enter the house. But, you can also use it in place of a towel after giving them a bath to get them dry extra quick.


7. BarkBox



BarkBox is a monthly subscription box just for dogs. Each month, you receive a box with an assortment of items for your dog. From treats and toys to gadgets and hygiene items. I got my mom a 3-month subscription for Christmas last year. It was really fun to see her post on Facebook after it had arrived to see what she received, and to find out who liked what best.

It’s a great gift for your own dogs, since it equals lots of new goodies. But, it’s an awesome gift for your fellow dog lover too since it’s the gift that keeps on giving. They keep getting a little surprise each month.


8. Darth Vader Sweater

darth vader sweater


This one is pretty self explanatory. Why wear a plain old Christmas sweater when you can wear a Darth Vader holiday sweater instead?


9. Fruitables Thick Cut Bacon Jerky



Thick cut bacon, just for your pooch. I’m not sure it gets much better for a dog!


10. Gimme Gummy Toy

gimme gummi


The Gimme Gummy toy is not only adorable, it’s super functional. It’s hollow on the inside so you can fill it with peanut butter, treats whatever fits. Like many similar hollow toys, it can be frozen. But what makes it super unique is it’s made of silicone – so it can also be baked. The company offers recipes on its website to get you started.


11. Glam Gear Collars

gwen gear sparkle collars


I have been encouraging so many people to get these glitter collars at work. I feel it my duty to put more glitter out into the world! They’re even prettier in person. What’s nice about these versus rhinestone collars is they aren’t distinctly feminine. Especially with the large color selection. So, your boy dogs can sparkle for the holidays too.

I would love to get Pug the smoke color, but he doesn’t look so great in collars. They squish his neck fat in a very unflattering way. And Molly’s long hair would cover it up. So, I have to live vicariously through my customers (and now you!).


12. Jolly Pet Romp n Roll

jolly ball


My mom recently won one of these Romp n Roll toys at a special event where I work. Her dogs (which include a pit bull and a Great Dane) are extremely rough on toys. They have had Jolly Ball toys in the past, but always ate the handles off. I thought this version would be perfect since there is no handle, and it has the rope for tug of war.

They loved it. They fling it around by the rope, play tug, and overall have a great time. It does have one puncture wound since one of her dogs insists on trying to carry it by the ball instead of the rope, but it’s still going strong overall.


13. Fresh Baked Christmas Treats

christmas dog treats


This one is probably obvious, but just in case… if you have a local pet store or pet bakery, fresh-baked iced treats are a great choice. If you aren’t that lucky there are lots of places to order from online. This is just one shop’s offering on Etsy. It’s also a good gift for shipping to out-of-town four-legged friends and family!

(Speaking of, if you’re interested in more handmade gifts, you can check out my Gift Guide for Dog Lover Etsy treasury.)


14. Merrick Christmas Day Dinner

merrick christmas day dinner


Perfect for holiday dinners, when you don’t want to leave your pups out, but you also don’t want to give them table scraps. Merrick offers a huge range of fun flavors year-round, but I especially like their special edition holiday dinners. I like being able to give my dogs a special dinner of their own without worrying about them getting sick from people food!


15. Go Dog Christmas Toys



Go Dog consistently “brings it” when it comes to holiday toys. I’m particularly fond of the Santa dragons. What do dragons have to do with Christmas? I have no idea, but they’re adorable. I’ve also heard a lot of good feedback from customers that the chew guard technology does in fact hold up in these toys. Of course, if you have a super destructive chewer, I probably still wouldn’t recommend this. But, if you are looking for a reasonably sturdy toy for most dogs – give it a go!