Insta-Friday #64

Took an Insta-break last week since I was busy with holiday stuff  and I wanted to leave room for my Thanksgiving Day Parade post. So, this week will be 2 weeks of my life in iPhone photos and Instavideo!

Gus' Pretzels St. Louis

Gus’ Pretzels. A staple since childhood. If you’re coming through the city, you have to stop and try some. I recommend sticks with cheese!


Pug Winter Fashion

Ready for winter.


Cold Thanksgiving

7am on Thanksgiving morning it was 20 degrees and I was standing downtown waiting for the Thanksgiving Day Parade to start. Only a chai latte to keep me warm. Please enjoy my under-eye bags.



Thanksgiving Day was also our 5th Pugversary! If you don’t know the story of Pug, you can click here to read it.


Doggy Pumpkin Pie

After a can of Merrick Thanksgiving Dinner, Pug and Molly split a doggy pumpkin pie with whipped cream.


great dane puppy

This 70lb 5-month old pup was our first customer on Small Business Saturday.


Elf Pug

What’s your favorite color?


Pug’s new thing is attacking the seat hammock. Ridiculous.


Secret Santa Cat

We have these ornaments up at work. You choose one and fulfill the shelter animal’s wishlist for Christmas. I chose a kitty since I don’t have one of my own anymore. I thought buying cat stuff would be fun. Sugar Baby wants crinkle balls, fuzzy mice, catnip and canned food. I went a little wild so she’s going to get that and a whole lot more! She lives at Open Door Animal Sanctuary.


pug stuck lip

Pug was sucking on blanket and managed to get both sides of his lips stuck.


ice covered windshield

62 degrees yesterday. Today, this. I don’t know why it surprises me.

life rearranged