Insta-Friday #65

My week in iPhone photos. 

Starbucks Joy Tea

Sipping on Joy Tea during a (mild) snowstorm. I’m like the postal service, nothing will keep me away!


pit bull puppy

My mom made her foster puppy Tombolo this scarf for Barkin’ for the Blues. I thought he looked like a hipster.


St. Louis Blues pit bull

Our old friend Twist Tie was there too!


Pug Stole Cat Treats

While I was out, Pug got into the Petsmart bag full of donations for the shelter. Notice the puggy tooth marks all over these cat treats? Stealing from the needy!


frosting mishap

Frosting blowout at work.


pug shaming

I inadvertently stirred up some controversy on Facebook with this pug shaming. Some people thought I was being too mean. Luckily Pug can’t read, and he was no worse for wear. I assure you he was not punished and in fact, this picture was taken with him laying on MY bed.


no-sew cat blanket

Making no-sew blankets for the shelter cats and watching Deep Space Nine. I don’t think I’d recommend other people do this type of work on their bed. I snipped my own sheets twice. Whoops.


pug hedgehog

Pug, extremely distressed because he had to sit on the floor while I made the blankets.

black pug puppy

 Pug’s BPFF got a new little sister! Her name is Prim(rose).


Starbucks sticker snowflake

I order an 8-pump Iced Chai latte. Apparently the person on register hit 8 chai lattes instead of 8 pumps. Rather than waste all the extra stickers, they made me this custom snowflake cup. I’m not mad.

life rearranged