Insta-Friday #68

My week in iPhone photos.

gold starbucks mug

They had a holiday clearance table at Starbucks. I kept telling myself I didn’t need anything, and 30% off wasn’t even that much. But, I kept staring at this gold mug while I sat and worked on my laptop. Plus I had gift cards to spend, so it wasn’t like I was even really paying for it. I totally sold myself on this mug, and then finally bought it.

I was sitting at a small table and had to set my purchase on the floor. I put it near my purse so there was no way I could forget it. I was really worried I would leave it. I’m absentminded that way. I was just topping off my last refill with milk at the condiment bar and getting ready to walk out the door when I realized I had left my freaking mug on the floor at my table. I have no idea what is wrong with me.


cvs nail polish clearance haul

I went to CVS because I had some Extra Bucks to use and I needed Seche Vite Restore. They don’t carry it in-store. They did have tons of clearance nail polish. So, this happened.


funyuns and soda

This is my idea of stocking up before a blizzard. Not a nutrient in sight.


pug in a blanket

Pug hiding out from Snowmageddon.


pug snow mustache

Snowstache! Check out my last post to see how Pug fared against the snowpocalypse.


hot chocolate marshmallows

Using the aforementioned gold mug for some hot chocolate with a whole lot of marshmallows.


midwest chic

Midwest Chic.  This look could also be described as “it’s -5 degrees and I do not care how I look”.


bath and body works snow day candle

Snowed in with Snow Day candle. Smells amazing!


starbucks rewards

So close.

life rearranged