St. Louis Mardi Gras Beggin’ Pet Parade 2014 (Part 1)

This Sunday Pug and his BPFF participated in the Beggin’ Pet Parade for the second time. Naturally, I took tons of photos, so I’ll break them into two posts. Today will be the pugs time to shine. Last year, we accessorized with simple Mardi Gras collars. After seeing the level of dedication everyone puts into their pet costumes though, we knew we had to seriously step it up in 2014. So, I present: Minion Pugs. 

Minion Pugs

Their overalls are baby overalls from Goodwill. And the hoodies are the amazing creation of the BPFF’s grandma. She cut apart adult sweatshirts and created pug hoodies. She is seriously talented!

Minion Pugs

This isn’t the prettiest shot, with the dumpster in the background and all. But, I think it’s one of the only pictures I got that you can actually see baby Prim!


Minion Pugs

After registration, we got to have a little meet and greet with Instagram celebrity pug, Norm. He’s famous for the “pug selfie” picture you’ve probably seen floating around online.


Minion Pugs

Adding a 6th pug to the space ship got a little chaotic.


Minion Pugs

But, with some Beggin’ Strip motivation we were able to get the shot.


Pugs at Beggin' Pet Parade

Pugs were very well represented at the parade this year. If only I could have gotten a picture of all of them!



Mardi Gras Pugs

I found our stroller pug friends from last year! Looking great as always, ladies. These girls are so popular, they’ve even been used in press materials for the event.


Pugs and Mastiff

Always love meeting “giant pugs”.


Pug Minions

Minions down! Being carted around and waiting for the parade to start was too much for Prim and Luna.


Pug Minions

Panda being the diva that he is.


Pug Minion

Pug, with some bonus pug butt.


Pug Minions

Heading back to the car. Five exhausted little minions.

Check back on Wednesday for all the rest of my parade pics along with video!