Insta-Friday #77

Another week in which I am super grateful for InstaFriday. It’s been a very hectic week and I am currently in charge of an extra 4 dogs (!!) so I have had no time to sit down and blog. But, thanks to my ever-present iPhone I’m able to share a glimpse into my life from the past week. Thank you Jeanett! 

Pug Beggin Strip

Pug doesn’t know it’s not bacon. He just wants to omp it!

Bachelorette Party

My BFF and I always have to do the “prom pose” during picture-taking occasions, so her bachelorette party was no exception.


I was picking up groceries for my grandma and I had to get her a bouquet of these crazy bright daisies. Only $4.99!

Sunset over St. Louis

My drive home in the evenings affords me some pretty nice views of the sunset, especially now that we’re back into Daylight Savings. If you look close enough you can see the Arch.


Stereotypical shot of my Starbucks drink. But, I was making the point that everything tastes better through a green straw. Even when I refill my cup with a drink from home, it’s somehow more satisfying.

Angry Pug

Sometimes Pug does not put up with my nonsense. This was one of those days. If only I had caught him biting my hand on camera.

pug and grandma

I took Pug to visit grandma yesterday. As you can see, he was all too happy to provide her with some pug therapy. Whilst knocking her newspaper all over the floor, of course.

life rearranged