Insta-Friday #78

Great Dane Too Big For Bed

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m taking care of my mom’s dogs while she is staying with my grandma. Alexa Clarice is taking it hard because my bed is not Great Dane sized.

Pug and Great Dane

Pug and Alexa don’t see much of each other anymore. But, when I first found Pug, these two would play-fight and wrestle and make the most god-awful noises for hours on end. It was completely ridiculous. Somewhere I have video of Pug playing with one of her toys and her pulling him around the room by it.

Rural King Popcorn

It’s not a trip to Rural King without some complimentary popcorn.

Confluence Trash Bash

Picking up giant things at the Confluence Trash Bash. Full post here.

Pit Bull Hole Digger

Cutie misbehaving on my watch. Full story is here.

Pug and Great Dane

Alexa finally figured out how to get her entire body onto the bed. Pug is not exactly thrilled.

Eagle Kite

A new kite! 72-inch wingspan!! A couple of years ago my mom got me an awesome giant dragon kite from Costco, which I got stuck in a tree on its first time out. I’m super excited to have a replacement but also a little nervous I’ll lose my eagle.

Pug Bully Stick Cigar

Oh, Pug.

Shina Inu Doge

This little Shiba was really shy until I pulled out my phone. “wow.”

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