DIY Bamboo Garden Trellis

DIY Bamboo TrellisSince I am square-foot gardening, I needed a way for my vining plants like cucumbers to grow upwards instead of out. And naturally, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money to do it. My solution was this DIY trellis made of bamboo stakes. 

Bamboo Trellis SuppliesAll you will need for this project is 1 bag of bamboo stakes per trellis, garden twine and a strong pair of scissors.

Bamboo Trellis SuppliesI chose the 6-foot tall bamboo because I knew I was going to have my trellises leaning into each other to form a tepee. If I were going to use them standing straight up, I probably would have used the 4-foot. I got my stakes at Home Depot for around $3 per bag.

Bamboo TrellisEach bag of bamboo contained 6 stakes. I left 4 as is, and cut the remaining 2 in half. The thinner pieces cut right through. For the thicker pieces I scored them with the scissors and then snapped them by hand. If you’re able to find larger pieces of bamboo, you might need a saw for this.

Bamboo TrellisOnce you’ve got your pieces cut, lay the longer pieces vertically and the shorter pieces horizontally to create the trellis shape you want. I left extra room at the bottom so the bamboo could be pushed into the ground for support.

Bamboo TrellisTo hold everything together, we’re going to lash all the intersections together with the garden twine. I started off by tying a quick knot.

Bamboo TrellisThen I proceeded to wrap and wrap in an X shaped pattern as well as looping the twine around each pole a few times. When the intersection felt pretty sturdy and held together, I wrapped a few more times for good measure. My biggest tip is to pull the twine as tight as you possibly can without breaking it.

Bamboo TrellisFirst row finished.

Bamboo TrellisIt took me about 45 minutes to finish lashing the entire thing. As you can see, it’s not exactly evenly spaced throughout. Let’s just call it whimsical.

Bamboo TrellisOnce I finished the second trellis, I leaned them into each other to create a triangle shape. When I had them set the way I wanted them, I gently pushed the ends of the bamboo into the dirt to provide stability. I created this tepee so when vines grow up the trellis it will provide shade for my lettuce and spinach growing underneath. They are not hot weather crops, so I’m hoping by providing shade I can help them through the heat of summer.

Bamboo Trellis CucumberFor the cucumber trellis, I didn’t do anything special to the plant itself. Cucumber plants will shoot out thin little vines that wrap around anything they can find. So, when you provide a trellis, they happily grow vertically without much intervention.

Bamboo Trellis ZuchiniI just recently learn that zucchini plants do not climb naturally. So, I used a piece of my garden twine to try to help them along. We’ll see if they cooperate.

DIY Bamboo Trellis Here is a final shot of the completed bamboo trellis. As the plants get bigger, the square-foot garden is starting to look a little chaotic. But, I assure you there is a method to the madness! This trellis will definitely help keep everything in check and tidy.

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