Insta-Friday #91

Another exciting week in iPhone photos and Instavideo! 

Pug at WorkLast Friday was Bring Your Dog to Work Day. I’m lucky that Pug gets to come to work with me almost every day. So, to celebrate we put him to work as a living model in our front window.

Baby Green Bean

My first teeny tiny baby green bean. Isn’t it cute? You’ll see later in the week just how fast they grew!

Cookie Dough

PMS and baking don’t mix. I made myself sick eating so much raw dough by the time the cookies were done I didn’t even want any.

Peeping Dogs

The welcoming committee at my mom’s house. Otherwise known as neighborhood watch. Though, they’re mostly looking out for bicyclists, squirrels and cats. And yes, those curtains have come down many a time.

Tanning Pug

Even on the hottest days Pug will plop down in the sunniest spot in the yard. I guess the sun feels good on the old bones.

Beggin’ Popper fail. I’m pretty sure Pug’s bad eyesight keeps him from seeing the treat after it takes off. Click here for round two.

Nail Polish Haul

A little nail polish haul from Sally’s and TJ Maxx. I can’t pass up a deeply discounted polish!

Tired Pug

Sleepy little smoosh face.

Sad Pug

Every day. This pathetic face.

Bacon Cheeseburger

Went to a local bar to watch the USA vs. Germany game. I am so not a soccer fan, but I didn’t want to miss the potential opportunity to chant USA! with a bunch of strangers. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance. Luckily a nearby table actually knew about soccer so we eavesdropped on them to figure out what was happening.

Green Bean Harvest

Just days later some of the green beans were ready to harvest!

Broccoli Pests

Something has been eating my broccoli plants! Ugh. I suspect it could be our resident groundhog that lives across the street.

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