Insta-Friday #95

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

Pug Neck TieNot so casual Friday at work.

Gassy Pug

Oh Pug, why?

Cornfield and CloudsThe entire time the Polar Vortex was with us (and who knew they came back during the summer? Glorious) we had the most beautiful blue skies and puffy white clouds. I couldn’t help taking pictures.

Celebrating National Ice Cream Day with a Sweet Spot.

Pug and English MastiffOur buddy Ammo the mastiff (or giant pug as I like to think of him) is getting huge! He was trying to bat Pug around like a toy. He doesn’t realize quite how powerful his big ol’ paws are!

Pug Toy HordeReally buddy? Could you maybe bring a couple more toys on the bed? I still have a little room left.

White Castle PuppiesThe foster puppies vet appointment fell on my day off so I took them to Stray Rescue for their second round of shots. On the way back, I treated myself to White Castle. The smell overwhelmed the babies as you can see here. They were climbing over each other to get to my bag!

Pug PillowsYou know, it’s bad enough this dog feels the need to put his butt on any of my pillows. But both? Really??

Pug Merrick TreatsWednesday the UPS man surprised me with a box of goodies from the nice folks at Merrick. Packages are always great, but surprise packages are even better! Pug and Molly were really psyched to check out all the new goodies.

Pug Merrick TreatsUmmm, mom, where’s the “Pug” bag? Merrick even sent these nice little gift bags so I could share my new treats with friends. Which was so perfect because between pet blogging and working at a pet store, I end up with more treats than my dogs can possibly eat.

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