Monthly Obsessions: September 2014

It’s been a while since I had enough stuff to warrant a Monthly Obsessions post, but this month I’ve got an awesome lineup to share with you! 

Cloud Star Buddy Splash Lavender Mint
First up is this Buddy Splash Spritzer in the lavender and mint scent. We use the Buddy Wash Lavender & Mint shampoo and conditioner in the self-service dog wash at work and it’s usually the one I choose when I bathe my dogs. I decided to pick up some of the spritzer for at home in between baths. Some doggy colognes I’ve smelled are almost as bad as stinky dog smell – way too perfume-y and chemical smelling. Buddy Splash makes them smell like they were freshly bathed, not like perfume.

Not only is it a doggy cologne, it’s also a conditioner. So it’s especially great for Molly’s long hair and getting it shiny and soft again in between a full bath. Another tip: using a conditioning product like this when you use your FURminator reduces static.

elf Makeup Mist and Set
We had a freakishly mild summer this year. For the first time ever I could actually wear makeup during the summer without it melting off seconds after I stepped outside. Then, at the end of August and beginning of September the heat that had been MIA decided to make an appearance. This e.l.f. Makeup Mist and Set helped keep my makeup from immediately sliding off my face. I also wore it at my best friend’s wedding this spring and my makeup held up over 12+ hours.

Also, since I heavily powder during the summer this spray helps get rid of the freshly powdered look without removing the benefits of the powder. The only negative to this product is the mist isn’t very fine. Occasionally I will get some big droplets on my face when I spray it, but it dries pretty quickly and doesn’t mess up my makeup. It’s worth that one annoyance considering it’s 1/10 the price of its high-end counterparts.


Earlier this year using your cell phone while you drive became illegal in Illinois (although judging by my fellow drivers I’m either the only person that heard about the law and/or cares…). I never used my phone much in the car anyway, but decided to finally bite the bullet and get a Bluetooth adapter so I could use it hands-free if needed. I didn’t want t spend a lot of money, and luckily this $40 Kinivo Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit got really great reviews and was in my price range. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

I still don’t use it much for actual phone calls, but what I really love it for is using it to activate Siri to start playing music from my phone. The sound quality is great and there is also forward and back buttons on the device itself to skip songs. I also found it handy when using my phone as GPS because the sound comes through your car speakers – I often find that I can’t hear the directions clearly through the phone speakers.

One thing to keep in mind that I didn’t realize until I got it (and maybe this is obvious to everyone else), because the adapter plugs into the AUX jack, you must have your radio set to AUX for it to ring through your speakers or break into music. So, if you’re listening to the radio and your phone rings, you have to switch to AUX to answer it through the Bluetooth. For me, this is a simple press of the Mode button and then I press the Kinivo to answer. Not a big deal at all.

Merrick Mini Brush Bones
These Merrick Mini Brush Bones came in the surprise gift box Merrick sent me a few months ago. They’re actually too small for Molly but I let her have them anyway since she is good about not trying to swallow things whole. Pug loves them, naturally, but he eats anything. Molly is my picky eater and not only does she eat these, she actually gets really excited when I pull the bag down. Her reaction to these confirmed that they are tasty. I like to give my dogs a dental chew like this once or twice a week in conjunction with raw bones and brushing for overall dental health. I recommend adding these to your arsenal!

I’ve never posted an Instagram account as a monthly obsession but I had to include Brandy the Pug because she might be the baddest-ass pug out there. Brandy is a surfing pug and she has made huge improvements in her gear and skills in the short time she’s had her account. Definitely check her out because her videos are to die for. I will admit I especially giggle at the videos where she wipes out – sorry Brandy!

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