Insta-Friday #106

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo. 
Molly and Pug Cuddles

It got so cold the other day Molly jumped into the big bed. She voluntarily sat this close to Pug. I could barely believe my eyes. That’s practically a cuddle.

Dog Under Blanket

Still cold. Still being adorable.

Illinois October

I love October! I wish it could stay like this longer, soon everything thing will be grey. At least there is snow to look forward to.

Black Pug

Remember baby Prim? She’s a big girl now! I got a surprise visit at work this week. I am totally missing my BPFF. Luckily we should be getting together this month for some Halloween events.

Pug CuddlesI’ve been feeling crummy the past couple of days and doing a lot of sleeping. Pug must know what’s up because he’s been extra clingy.

My little blanket sucking weirdo in action. Has to get it just right.

life rearranged