Insta-Friday #107

My week in iPhone photos.

Janice the Chihuahua

This is is my co-worker Janice. She’s ridiculous.


Pug Slump

I was sitting at my desk the other night and looked over to find Pug stuck in this position. I guess he was thinking about scratching but then got distracted halfway there.


Pug Loofah Dog Mummy

Pug has so many toys and definitely did not need one more, but I couldn’t help myself. We got these mummy loofah dogs at work and after several days of walking past them one came home with me.


Skee Ball Tournament

I’ve been in a skee ball league at our new retro arcade bar for the past 3 weeks. This week they had a leader board set up and look who’s on top!


National Pug Day

Wednesday was National Pug Day. I didn’t have anything special planned, which I guess was an issue. I left for an hour and Pug was so mad he pooped on the floor. He had gone within the past hour, so I don’t know how he even worked another one up.


Carrying Pug

A few weeks ago I noticed Pug was hesitating going down the stairs. He would put his front legs on the step and then get stuck and whine. I think it is a combination of his bad eyesight and the fact that he doesn’t feel secure because there is no traction.

Then, Molly bumped him going down the stairs and sent him flying. He starting going down the steps really fast out of control and ended up rolling down the last few steps like a log. I was horrified but luckily he got to the bottom and jumped right up ready to eat dinner. Still, I didn’t want to risk any further mishaps, so I’ve been carrying him down. But, since he’s a wiggly little monster I have to carry him under my arm like a sack of potatoes.

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