Pug Loves Puppuccinos

The last weekend of September we participated in Strut Your Mutt St. Louis. Starbucks had a booth at the starting line offering free coffee and puppucinos. I made the mistake of grabbing a puppuccino for Pug before the walk, thinking I could give him a quick taste and then finish it after we were done. 

Pug Loves Puppuccino

Pug Loves PuppuccinoHey, where are you going with my whipped cream?

Pug Loves PuppuccinoWe started the walk and Pug was losing his mind. I tried to hide the Starbucks cup but he knew there was more whipped cream to be had.

Pug Loves PuppuccinoSo I spent the first quarter mile attempting to push the stroller, hold Pug’s cup and take pictures at the same time. Even after he finished it he kept begging. I had to give him the empty cup to prove I wasn’t holding out on him.

Pug Loves PuppuccinoAfter the walk, we went back by the Starbucks booth to get Molly her own puppuccino. It was her first time trying one. But, she’s weird and won’t eat things out of a cup. She would only eat it if we put the whipped cream on the grass for her.

Pug Loves PuppuccinoMy mom got this picture of Pug while I was trying to feed Molly. The horror. Someone else getting a puppuccino in his presence!

Pug Loves PuppuccinoBut, in typical spoiled Pug fashion he got his way in the end by getting his sister’s leftovers.