Who Wore It Best? Pug Costumes vs. Sexy Costumes

While doing research for this post I realized pretty much all of the costumes Pug wears are also available in sexy versions. So I decided to do a little “Who Wore It Best” competition pitting Pug’s costumes against their sexy counterparts. Leave your votes in the comments!

All sexy costume images are via Yandy.com.

Pug Fireman vs Sexy FiremanPug Fire Chief or Sexy Fire Chief?


Pug Hot Dog vs Sexy Hot DogPug Hot Dog or Sexy Hot Dog?


Pug Lobster vs Sexy LobsterPug Lobster or Sexy Lobster?


Pug Super Mario Bros.  vs Sexy Super Mario Bros. Pug Super Mario Bros. or Sexy Super Mario Bros? (surprisingly I could find no Sexy Bowser Costume)


Pug Minion vs Sexy MinionPug Minion or Sexy Minion?


Pug Pumpkin vs Sexy PumpkinPug Pumpkin or Sexy Pumpkin?


Pug Shark vs Sexy SharkPug Shark or Sexy Shark?