Insta-Friday #111

My week in iPhone photos. 

Pug MagnetWe got these magnets at work and I bought this one before any customers had a chance to see it. And I’m pretty sure I need to name my next pug Mr. Puddingstone.


Pug Sun Spot

Once again Pug planted his butt right in front of the door at work. I call this game “trip the customers”. He’s really good at it.


Dumb Pug

More workplace nonsense. Pug was pawing at these bags and I couldn’t figure out why because there was nothing in them. I kept telling him to stop it and next thing I know he’s plopped down on his makeshift paper bag bed. Notice how there is an actual bed a foot to his left.


Veteran's Day Pug and Poppy

I asked on Facebook this week if anyone else was familiar with the history of the poppy. I know it’s a big thing in Canada and the UK, but I don’t see them around much in the US. More than one person in my real life had no idea what I was talking about. I remember when I was a kid the American Legion would do “road blocks” at intersections and hand out poppies if you gave a donation. My grandma always had one on her rear view mirror.

I called my local American Legion to inquire about them and she said they only distribute them during the spring. So, I used this tutorial and made my own for Veterans Day. I used a safety pin to attach it to my shirt.

Banished I recently started playing the game Banished and I’ve been a bit obsessed. But I get unreasonably angry at my citizens when they do stupid things. Like passing by everyone in town while infected with tuberculosis.


Dog Cuddles

When the temperature drops Molly finally deems us worthy of joining in the big bed.


Pug First Snow of Season

It didn’t show up in the picture, but we got our first snow today. It’s kind of weird to have snow when the leaves are still turning.

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