Insta-Friday #112

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

Pug Hoodie Old man Pug is trying to pass himself off as a youngin’ in his new hoodie.

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All night. Pug wants under the blanket, then he wants out. Then he’s cold again and he needs under. Nope, now he’s too warm.

Grumpy Pug in Snow

We got our first snow of the season this week and Pug was none too happy about it.

Pug and Molly

All this unseasonably cold weather is forcing Molly to make nice with her brother.

Louis the Pug

Louis! Taking properly exposed pictures with black pugs is impossible.

Pug Snuggles

I just kind of laid around all day with a headache that wouldn’t go away. Pug is always happy to keep me company when I’m being lazy. Looking at that little smoosh face does make me feel a little better.

Christmas Tree Cake

I am a firm believer in not having Christmas stuff out before Thanksgiving. I could write a whole post about why the Christmas creep is actually ruining the Christmas season. But I digress.

I make one exception – Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes. They’re the best and stores around here have actually sold out of them before Christmas so I buy a box as soon as I see them. I know they’re just glorified Zebra Cakes but the crunchy green sugar makes them way more delicious.

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