Insta-Friday #113

It’s been crazy at work and just a tad crazy here in the St. Louis area, so the blog has been quiet lately. But I have a huge InstaFriday post with my week in iPhone photos and Instavideos. 

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There is no such thing as too close for a pug.  

Tazo Joy TeaThe bad news is since Starbucks switched over to serving Teavana I can’t get delicious Joy tea in-store anymore. Luckily they carry it at Target so I can enjoy it at home.      

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My preferred method for cleaning out candle jars. Score the wax with a knife and pour in boiling water. When it cools, the wax disc will be floating on top and you can discard. Depending on how much wax is left, it can take a couple of rounds. But, I like the “set it and forget it” method.

Pug Loaf

Freshly baked pug loaf!

George W the PugThis is George W. Don’t judge him for his namesake.

Sunspot Pug

I’m not sure how many weeks this will make, but we once again played “sun myself and trip customers”.


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Molly and Pug have very different opinions on snow.

Pug Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Thanksgiving is the anniversary of when I found Pug. Commonly referred to as our Pugversary. This year we celebrated 6 years with a can of Thanksgiving Day Dinner. To read Pug’s gotcha story, you can check out posts here and here.

Pug Size Pumpkin PieAnd for dessert they split a mini doggy pumpkin pie. With a bit of non-doggy Cool Whip on top because I think it’s cute when he gets whipped cream face.

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