Monthly Obsessions: October 2014

This month I’ve got a nice mix of products from several categories to share with you. Also, I’m introducing you to one of my newest obsessions that I think will be a big part of my life from here on out! 

White Barn Warm Caramel CiderI’ve been burning this Warm Caramel Cider candle all month long. It smells just like a caramel apple.


Autumn Scentportable
Image Source: Amazon


As much as I love the warm caramel cider, I don’t like sweet or food scents in the car. So I got the Autumn Scentportable. It smells like a day at the apple orchard. I like that is has no cinnamon because cinnamon scent makes me sneeze. Instead, it’s a fresh apple scent while still being distinctly autumn.

Lush Sea Spray

I’ve been wanting to try a sea salt spray for a while now but it seemed like all of them had mixed reviews. I finally decided to bite the bullet and try Lush Sea Spray. I’m happy to report that I like it! I have naturally wavy hair and I feel like it gives them a bit of definition and texture without being crunchy. I don’t love the scent, but I don’t hate it either. It’s kind of jarring because it’s not at all what I would expect from a beachy product.

If you have stick straight hair, I’m not sure this product will do much though. It’s a pretty subtle difference on my wavy hair so I can’t imagine it having an effect on straight hair.


Spot Farms Chicken Jerky
I never win anything. Raffles, lotto tickets, you name it. I always lose. But when it comes to dog products I seem to be very lucky. I won this bag of Spot Farms Chicken Jerky during a recent #PugChat on Twitter. It’s become one of the dogs favorite special treats. Even Molly who is Miss Picky. In fact, she jumped up and ran over to beg when I pulled the bag out to take the photo!

As you can see from the package, Sport Farms Chicken Jerky is made in the USA. On the back of the bag they even show you the exact counties in Kentucky where the chicken is sourced, which I think is pretty cool.


Plan Ahead Organizer

A few months back I was watching a Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly video about her Filofax and it planted a seed in my head. You see, for years I’ve been doing everything I could to go as paperless as possible. Then after seeing her video I recalled how back in school I always seemed to do better when I used a paper planner. After doing some research (aka falling down the Filofax community rabbit hole on Youtube and Instagram) I began to think that a paper planner might be the thing that helped me get my scatter brain in order. People go all out with decorating their planners and while it may seem over the top, making it pretty will give me reason to want to use it.

Anyway, I was sold on the idea but Filofaxes aren’t cheap and I didn’t want to invest in something I wasn’t sure I would keep up with. So I totally hit the jackpot when I found this PlanAhead Organizer on Amazon for only about $12. Not only is it the exact same concept, the small size uses the same ring configuration so I can use free printables and inserts designed for real Filofax no problem. It has lots of pockets up front and even came with a small zipper pouch which is a separate accessory with real Filofaxes!

Initially I thought I would try this out and if I kept up with it and enjoyed it I would invest in the real thing. But for the time being I am going to stick with the PlanAhead because the layout is working perfectly for me so why mess with it?

I’ve been quiet about it thus far because I wanted to make sure I was going to stick with it and I was also a little concerned people would think I was loony if I began posting pics about planners – so let me know if you’d like to know more about my faux-Filo setup.

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