Insta-Friday #115

My week in iPhone photos. 

Pug DrumstickLook at that little turkey thigh! I still have no idea why Pug was sitting like this.

Planner Supplies

I completed a personal challenge a couple of months ago and rewarded myself with some planner supplies from Ebay. The last package finally arrived from China this week. Asia has all the cutest stationery stuff!

Pug in a Blanket

I am so grateful for having a day off in the middle of the week to rest up and cuddle with my puggy.

Car Creeper

I took my little ragamuffin Molly to get groomed today. I’m not used to having a non-screeching dog in the car with me, I kept forgetting she was there. Then I would smell doggy breath and find her creeping over my shoulder.

Target Tea Haul

A small tea haul from Target. I had coupons for Tazo Chai so I decided to try out these new varieties. People have raved  about the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea for years but I’ve never tried it. I’ve been craving tea at night lately but I can’t drink what I have at home because it’s caffeinated. Hopefully I’ll like the sugar cookie tea and it can become my nighttime treat.

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