Insta-Friday #124

My week in iPhone photos. 

Garner Ultra LifeI passed a milestone this week. I bought my first wrinkle creams. I’m taking it… okay.

Spoiled PugSo I finally got around to vacuuming under my bed, and I kept pulling out toy after toy. By the time I’d finished, I realized I had effectively doubled Pug’s already absurd toy collection. I think the problem is that since he sucks on his toys, they never get destroyed and thrown away. They just keep accumulating!

Mardi Gras MakeupOn the way to the Beggin’ Pet Parade. My headband is actually a stretchy dog party collar we sold at work, but I thought it would look really cute as a headband! No shame in my game.

Pack of PugsMy manager has her house on the market so on days she has showings her pugs get to come to work. I love having a big pug crew in the store!

Pug Face ShirtI should totally become a fashion blogger.

Pug Sticky NotesDid you guys know Crispy M&Ms are back?? They were always my fave and I was so heartbroken when they took them off the market. My sweet BFF brought me some, along with pug post-it notes, just because.

Stolen TreatsI bought the dog’s Valentine’s cookies early because last year we ran out before the big day. Last night I discovered the bag on the floor, empty. I don’t know who ate them. And like a total sucker, I bought them replacements today. Because I can’t not post a cute picture of them with their Valentine’s treats on Valentine’s Day now can I? Sigh.
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