Insta-Friday #127

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo. 

Pug on his backPug knows how to relax.

Pug In SnowAt least once every winter I have to toss Pug out into the snow to get a grumpy picture.

Pug Stealing Cat TreatsI have worked at my pet store for nearly 3 years and in those 3 years Pug has never been interested in these cat treats. Until now. I don’t know if one of the bags has a microscopic hole in it, letting the smell out, or what. It’s truly bizarre.

cupcakesI was just having one of those days so I treated myself to cupcakes and a lotto ticket. The ticket was a big fat loser as always, but cupcakes are always a win.

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Pug’s nightly ritual. Gotta get just the right piece of blanket to suck on, even if it involves uncovering me in the process.

Pug In BedI mean, how could you look at this and not want to crawl right into bed and never leave?

life rearranged