Insta-Friday #128

I’ve had a bit of a break from InstaFriday so this week I’m choosing a handful of iPhone photos and Instavideo from the past few weeks! 

Molly and me.

Pug Whimzees Alligator

Pug can’t get enough of these Whimzees alligators, but he always has to hold the for a few minutes before he starts eating. I think he’s afraid he’ll get distracted and I’ll steal it back.

Pug On ButtI’ve been reading a lot lately and Pug has been taking full advantage. This is his very favorite spot.

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Someone does not appreciate his wrinkle cleaning!

Pug Pinch St. Patrick's Day

Pug doesn’t own any green so I had to give him a lil’ pinch on St. Patrick’s Day. I love his “oh, mom” look.

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So, Pug has always cleaned his face like a cat but I’ve somehow never caught it on video. Until now! I don’t know if he’s just weird or maybe he lived with a cat before I found him and picked up the habit.

Pug Final Four Bracket

We did not do so hot this year with our #PugChat Final Four bracket. Last year I somehow managed to get third place but this year there is a whole lot of red!

Pug Harry Caray Glasses

Would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs?

Confluence Trash Bash 2015

We’re on a boat! Check out my last post for all the pics from the Confluence Trash Bash 2015.
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