Insta-Friday #129

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo!

Pug FeetPug sleeps a lot like me – with his feet poking out so he doesn’t overheat.


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“Whatcha doing mom? Reading a book? I’ll just wait here until you’re ready to pay attention to me.”

Dog Stealing BlanketI switched out my down comforter for a lighter-weight blanket and Molly called the down comforter for herself.

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This is how my nephew Sammy greats me (okay, and everyone else) when they walk in the door. He will howl and bark himself hoarse just to hear his own voice.

Pug SocksI found this pack of pug and cupcake socks at Michael’s for $5.99 for the whole set! I have no idea why they combined these two things but I do happen to love both, so it worked for me.

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