Molly Turns 12 with Pupcakes

My Molly girl turned 12 years old on Saturday – almost a teenager! To celebrate the special occasion I made peanut butter pupcakes and topped them with Greek yogurt and a blueberry. I made enough to share with my mom’s dogs, since dogs eating cupcakes is always a great photo opportunity!

Pupcakes Dog Cupcakes

Pug could not understand why I had to photograph the treats before he got to eat them.

Molly's Pupcakes Molly's PupcakesBirthday girl got first choice.

Pug Eating Pupcake Pug Eating Pupcake Pug Eating Pupcake Pug Eating PupcakePug, no one will ever accuse you of being a dainty eater.

Great Dane Eating CupcakeAlexa ate her pupcake in one bite!

Great Dane Eating Cupcake

Tia Eating Pupcake Tia Eating Pupcake

Last up is Tia Maria. She’s such a sweetie.