Insta-Friday #138

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo. Most of the pics are from earlier in the week because I have felt pretty darn crummy the past few days. 

strawberries, blueberries, yogurt and almondsI’ve been eating so many berries lately. This is my go to breakfast/snack/lunch/dinner/sometimes dessert.

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Ummm those aren’t for you.

Poop Strike PugPug was on a major poop strike because the grass was wet. I chased him around the yard for 20 minutes begging him to poop, got soaked in the process, and he has the nerve to look annoyed at me. 

Summer Solstice Snapchat PugIf you’re not following me on Snapchat (ThisPugLife) you’re missing out on Pug getting geo-filtered!

Squished PugSometimes being tethered to your big sister is no fun at all.