Insta-Friday #140

InstaFriday on a Saturday! My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

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You can’t celebrate Independence Day without the Team America theme!

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I’m trying to convince Discovery Channel to do a Shark Week special on the pug shark!

Rainbow SherbetI’ve been having a lot of abdominal pain lately, so lots of rainbow sherbet has been consumed at very inappropriate times of day.

Pill OrganizerI am good about remembering to take my main medications but I can’t keep track of my supplements, so I got a pill organizer just for those. If you’re curious, I’m taking a probiotic for tummy troubles, fish oil for joint pain and magnesium because my doctor recommended it for my chronic headaches.

Squished Face PugExtra squish.

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Pug enjoying his new PetSafe Fountain. Make sure to check out the full review and enter to win one of your very own!

Pug Eye ExamThursday I noticed that Pug’s right eye (his good eye) was very swollen and had some discoloration in the center. So Friday he went to the vet for an eye exam. The good news is there was no sign of glaucoma. Unfortunately, he had a large amount of unexplained inflammation and granulation. He’s on 10-days of steroid drops┬áso hopefully that fixes what ails him.