Monthly Obsessions: July 2015

Darice Sticker BooksOkay, this may seem a bit silly, but I am obsessed with these $1 Darice sticker books. I find them mostly at Michael’s but occasionally they’re in the Target dollar spot too. I use them in my planner and when I send snail mail, but they’re perfect if you do any kind of paper crafting.

You get anywhere from 200-400 stickers depending on the size of the designs, and all for a dollar! I have always loved stickers but they can be pricey so I tended to just hoard them instead of use them. These are so cheap I can use them with abandon. Plus, the designs are adorable and they have new designs each season.

If you decide to look for them be advised that they’re not stocked with the other stickers, they’re usually in the children’s crafting/toy section. I’ve also found holiday ones hanging on endcaps and other seasonal displays.


American Journey Beef Tripe ChewsSince I am a blogger I got a sneak peek at their exclusive new American Journey treat line. The dogs love these Beef Tripe Chews and I was really impressed with them because they don’t totally stink. I was afraid to open the bag for a long time because I was afraid I’d start gagging. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t smell good but they are completely tolerable. And if you’ve ever smelled tripe you know that tolerable is a huge compliment! Also, when I grabbed the bag to take this photo Pug woke from a deep sleep to run over and beg.


Jenna Hipp Nail PolishMy mom recently got me a set of Jenna Hipp mini nail polishes from Costco. I had never heard of the brand before, but apparently Jenna is a “green celebrity manicurist” and her polishes are 5-Free.  I swear by Seche Vite top coat which has ALL the bad ingredients, so that’s kind of a moot point for me.

Still, I thought the formula applied beautifully and it was quick-drying as promised. This set has a great selection of bright and pastel colors. The wear was pretty standard; I went 3 days before I started to get minor chipping. I don’t know how long it would have lasted beyond that because once I get even the tiniest chip I tend to anxiously pick at them until they’re ruined.

If you love nail polish and are a Costco member, these are a great deal for 10 generously sized mini bottles for $9.99!


Teavana Jade Citrus MintI’d been on a green tea kick from Starbucks for a while so I decided to go ahead and get a bag of Jade Citrus Mint  to make at home. I actually preferred the old Tazo green tea for drinking plain, but the Teavana version is absolute perfection with a bit of lemonade. I found that I prefer my home version since I think Starbucks does half-and-half and I do 3/4 tea to 1/4 lemonade.


The Pollsters PodcastFor the last several years I’ve found that I prefer listening to talk radio when I drive. But frankly, most talk radio is kind of awful and is 50% ads. So I finally got with the times and started exploring podcasts. The Pollsters is exactly what I had been looking for all along. Imagine the talking heads from cable news actually knew what they were talking about and didn’t scream all the time and you’ve got the pollsters! Here’s the description from iTunes since they explain it better than I would.

Explore what America’s thinking with two of the country’s leading pollsters: the bipartisan team of Republican Kristen Soltis Anderson and Democrat Margie Omero. Each week we’ll have fresh, friendly, insights into the data driving the week’s biggest stories in news, politics, tech, business, public opinion, entertainment, and pop culture. With occasional interviews with pollsters, journalists, brand experts, market researchers, and other industry leaders, we’ll lift the hood on the numbers to reveal the hidden secrets of the public’s mind.

Obviously right now they discuss political polls a lot but they mix it up with current events and human interest stuff as well.

That’s it for me, let me know what YOU have been obsessing over this past month!