Insta-Friday #148

Not for the first time I am grateful for InstaFriday to catch up on weeks when I am unable to post regularly. Sadly last week my health issues intensified but I am starting to feel a bit more human and I hope to be back to regular posting schedule.

IV in the Emergency Room

I ended up in the ER very early Friday morning with intense abdominal spasms and pain. Like, IV Dilaudid only took the edge off for 20 minutes pain. Despite having a history of Crohn’s and obstruction my ER doctor didn’t see the need for a CT scan because I already have had my appendix out. Insert rage face here.

Luckily I had a competent nurse that advocated for me and a subsequent CT showed I was building up to an obstruction. The doctor offered to keep me overnight for pain management but I knew I’d get no rest in the hospital and took the option to go home with oral pain meds and a liquid diet.

Pug NurseAfter 12 hours in the ER I got home and my nurse pug went on duty and never left my side. I did 4 days of liquid, eating basically nothing but ice cream and yogurt then progressed to mashed potatoes and saltines. It’s been a week now and I am tolerating regular food although I have stayed away from fresh vegetables and anything potentially irritating.

Pug Pooped in BedAnd then this happened.

Pug CuddlesThis might be why despite being 20lbs it often feels like there is no room in the bed with Pug.