Printable Pet Seizure Log – Full Size or Filofax/Franklin Covey

If you have a dog with seizures you know it’s important to keep track so you can note any changes and manage medications. Pug has seizures but fortunately only 1-2 a year (down from 3-4 a year previously). I normally mark his seizures on the calendar so I can make sure they’re not increasing in frequency. I also like to give my vet the dates of his seizures so they can have it in their records.

Pet Seizure Log Full SizeI’ve been meaning to create a dedicated log to keep the records all in one place and I finally sat down and made one. I created one to fit in my planner but while I was at it I decided to go ahead and make a full range of sizes. The full size 8.5×11 log has spaces for recording: date, time, length, severity and pre and post seizure behaviors. For the smaller, planner sized logs, I condensed the last two sections into just one notes column to save space.

Pet Seizure Log Compact

Below is a picture of mine in my planner. Naturally since I was going to photograph this for the blog, I immediately made a mistake on the first line.

Printable Pet Seizure Log for Planners

I hope some of you that have epileptic pets find this useful. Links to printable PDF files of all the sizes are below!

Pet Seizure Log Full Size 8.5″x11″

Pet Seizure Log A5

Pet Seizure Log Franklin Covey Compact 4.25″x6.75″

Pet Seizure Log Filofax Personal 3.75″x6.25″